Double Side – DS

Double Side Panels – DS

The Double Side “DS” panels are sound absorbing panels composed by metal structures and coated with textile on both sides; they are made for ceiling application (vertically) and as a room divider. On request an insulating sheath can be added inside the panel.

Sound absorption

Everage sound absorbtion coefficent DS panel αW = 0.65


Standard dimensions

145 x 105 x 6 cm
85 x 105 x 6 cm
105 x 105 x 6 cm
205 x 105 x 6 cm

The panels can be used both vertically and horizontal

Custom sizes are available on request


Ceiling installation (vertically)

Hooks kit for vertical ceiling installation

(2 hooks and 4 hangs per panel).


Room divider

Hooks kit for room divider installation (2 hooks on ceiling, 4 hangs on the panel, and 2 hooks on the floor).